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The department was incepted in January 2003 and it offers training leading to the “Assistant Pharmacy Diploma”. The Admission to Pharmacy program is open to students who successfully complete one year of Foundation course and has secured a high score in TOEFL examination.


The mission of this program is to prepare national “Assistant Pharmacist” to be employed in the Private sector pharmacies, Drug stores, Quality control laboratories and Pharmaceutical Industries.


After successful graduation, the pharmacy graduates should be able to carry out the following activities under the supervision of the pharmacist:

1. Decipher the physician’s prescription; identify the medicaments (dosage) and directions for use.

 2. Compound pharmaceutical preparations in private pharmacies and clinics according to official Pharmacopoeial standards.

3. Select the appropriate tools & instruments used in compounding pharmaceutical preparation and know their specific requirements such as filling, packing, labelling, etc.

 4. Provide patient counselling regarding the proper use of medicaments and their specific precautions.

 5. Recognize over-dosage in submitted prescriptions, predict the possible existence of either Incompatibilities or Drug-drug interaction and alert the pharmacist for necessary consultation with the prescribing physician.

6. Apply the Pharmacy Laws & Regulations in dispensing and stocking of Toxic, Psychotropic and Narcotic drugs.

7. Maintain all the documents and records pertaining to the movement of drugs in pharmacies & drug stores with special regards to their quantities and expiry dates.

 8. Storage of drugs, hazardous chemicals and pharmaceutical products in appropriate specified conditions.

 9. Maintain the books and other information aids in the library of the respective pharmaceutical establishment.

10. Offer the required skills when employed in Quality Control Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Industries.





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