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Pharmacy Department conducted a workshop on “Antibiotic Case Studies"

20 March 2019

Pharmacy Department conducted a day’s workshop on “Antibiotic Case Studies” on 19th March 2019 (Tuesday) in M316 (Venue) at Higher College of Technology.

The case studies workshop was delivered by Pharmacists Mr. Adnan Al-Qasmi and Mr. Sultan Al-Balushi from Ministry of Health.  The highlights of the workshop were as follows:

  • Overview of Antibiotics classifications based on its spectrum, activities and mechanism of action.
  • Worldwide concern and initiatives on tackling antimicrobial resistance, with the focus on pharmacists’ role, as healthcare providers.
  • National guideline of antibiotics and its use in practice.
  • Evidence-based practice on diagnosis and management of bacterial infections with significant empirical therapy and diagnostic tests.
  • Awareness about the evidence-based use of antibiotics on the management of common primary care condition with an emphasis was given on understanding the conditions like: Urinary tract infections(UTIs), Acute tonsillitis, Otitis media, Otitis externa
  • Case studies based on above conditions were carried out through group discussion with a focus on pharmacist role on understanding, interpreting, intervening through solving drug interactions & it suitability; counselling and finally dispensing the prescription.
  • Some games were organised to keep students active and motivated to proceed to the next topic.

The workshop was organised by Dr. Muna Arif AL Juma and attended by concerned lecturers: Mrs. Iman Al Balushi, Mrs Hamda Al Jabri, and Mrs. Al khansa Al Hashmi who also helped the trainers in facilitating the workshop.


Photographer: Mrs. Iman Al Balushi
Written by: Dr. Neetu B. Chabria

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