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Photography HOD

Digital Media opens the world of communication technologies through Photography, Digital Image Manipulation, Graphic Design, Vector & Bitmap Arts, and Illustration.

Photography, combined with computer-generated multimedia,  integrate media into advertising & marketing, E-Commerce, movies, video games, websites, as well as mobile applications.

Our mission is to achieve and sustain an ongoing level of excellence in technical education, informing and inspiring our students who combine their talents and passion for creating, and for technology with individuality and creative spirit to enter the market with confidence.

Our current students and alumni are at the forefront of the emerging multimedia industries throughout the entire digital landscape, contributing to the sultanate's ongoing creative and economic development as Photographers, Animators, Graphic Artists, Photojournalists, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Audio and Video Technicians, Photo Editors,  Recording & Sound Mixers, and Videographers.

If you see Design & Digital Media in your future, visit us and we'll be happy to guide you through.

Head of Department
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