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The Photography Department intends to be a wellspring of inspiration for its students and for the Photographic and media industries and society in Oman.


The mission of the Photography Department is to achieve and sustain an ongoing level of excellence in teaching, informing and inspiring our students. The department is dedicated to the delivery of high quality technical instruction as well as a sophisticated level of aesthetic education and aims to produce graduates who have the professional and personal skills to operate in the global media/advertising market or enter employment with confidence, contributing effectively to the Sultanate's ongoing creative and economic development.

A Note of Caution

Only a few graduating photographers will find jobs as employees with salaries. This applies not only here in Oman, but throughout the world. We study photography because we love the medium, not because it is an employment opportunity. If your highest priority is to get a job after graduation, there are probably better courses to take. It is also true that you don’t need a diploma to be a good photographer and most of the photographers currently operating in Oman, both nationals and ex-patriots, have never studied the subject. (Many of the world’s greatest photographers never received any formal education).

The overwhelming majority of the world’s professional photographers are self-employed, freelance operators, often in specialized fields that they mastered after graduation. It is for this reason that a photographer must develop a creative vision that sets him or her apart from other photographers. A STYLE that identifies his or her work as something unique.

What you will experience here are the first steps on a long path towards becoming a professional image-maker. It is a fact that, other than educational facilities and some government departments, nobody will ever ask to see your diploma. They will, however, always ask to see your portfolio. So, it is on this expression of your time here that we focus most of our attention. We need to bring out, from inside you, a personal imagery that expresses your individual visualization and encourages you to interpret subject matter beyond the literal.

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