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Writing an Application Letter

After having prepared the resume, the next thing for an applicant to attend to is the preparation of his application letter. An effective application letter should tell the prospective employer why an application would want to join his organization and it should not duplicate the information stated in the resume. 

Purpose of an Application Letter

1. The primary purpose of an application letter is to obtain an interview.

2. To accomplish the above objective, the letter and the datasheet must function as a sales letter.  You will sell your qualification to the prospective buyer – the employer.

3. Your application letter and datasheet must achieve the AIDA principle of sales:

     A – attract attention of the prospective employer

     I – arouse his interest in your skills and abilities

     D- develop his desire to see you personally because you are the person he is seeking to fill the job vacancy

     A-move him into action to call you for an interview

Appearance  of an Application Letter

1. Make sure that when an employer  opens your letter of application, it would create a favorable first impression.

2. Use plain, good-quality paper.

3.The letter should reflect your neatness, your sense of design and composition, and your typing ability.

4. Proofread your letter carefully and type accurately with no smudges and erasures is preferable.

Outline of an Effective Application Letter

1. First Paragraph Should be a business-like manner

     Example  -  Mr. Balushi informed me that you are in need of an Administrative Assistant.  I am interested to apply for the position.

2. Second Paragraph State what the qualifications are as described to you.

     Example  -  I was also informed that you need someone  who is familiar with  Administrative skills including literacy in computer and have some bookkeeping knowledge.

3. Third ParagraphSell yourself. Assure the prospective employer that you possess all the qualifications they are looking for.  Give the highlights of your qualifications particularly those related to the job you are applying for.

4. Fourth Paragraph State all the related accomplishments you have.  Enclose a BIO-DATA for further information about the qualifications.

5. Fifth Paragraph Request for an appointment and specify where and how they can get in touch with you.

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