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Hunting for the Right Job

Looking for the right job for you requires: (P’s)

1. Planning

2. Preparation

3. Persistence

4. Packaging the application and Bio-data

5. Presentation during the interview

6. Performance


Hunting for the Right Job
When hunting for the right job consider the following factors:

1. That job should make your years of preparation seem worthwhile

2. That you are qualified for the job

3. That you will be proud and happy to accept that job

4. That job will give you an awareness of being needed

5. That job will give you an opportunity for professional growth

6. That job will give you a feeling of financial satisfaction

Steps in Job Hunting

1. Understand your potentials and your goals.

2. Know the different job sources.

3. Know the company and the requirements.

4. Prepare your Bio-Data and application letter.

5. Prepare yourself for the  interview.

Sources of Job Prospects

1. Friends, Acquaintances and Relatives

2. College Placement Office or School’s Employment Assistance Office

3. Employment Agencies

4. Newspaper Advertisement

5. Civil Service Announcements

6. Direct Application (Signboard and Billboards of Companies)

How to Communicate With a Prospective Employer as an Applicant

1. Make a personal appearance.

2. Place a telephone call.

3. Answer a newspaper advertisement.

4. Write a letter of application asking for an appointment and enclosing a data sheet.

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