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Organizing your CV

Your CV is your passport to a job interview.  It is your chance to show an employer you have got the skills and experience required, and that you are the right person for the job.

Whether you are writing your first CV or tweaking your existing one, you may have questions about what to include, how to word your CV and how to lay it out.

1. You can make use of a CV builder, choose from among hundreds of different CV builder available online.

2. Put your information section-by-section, information should contain the following:
      a. Career Objective – this should be as specific as possible--your objective on what type of job you are looking for.  This should also be relevant to the position you are applying for.
     b. Work Experiences – chronological line-up (from present to previous) of the organizations/companies you have worked for, including your detailed job description.
     c. List of trainings / workshops and seminars that you have attended.
     d. Educational attainment – information of the schools you have attended including the degree and any awards/honor you have received in the institution.
     e. Skills – any additional skills and/or knowledge you have acquired from past experiences.
     f. Personal Information – may contain your birth date, marital status, nationality, religious views, and personal identification numbers.
     g. Other Information that may contribute to best sell your strengths.

3. Choose the layout that best sells your strengths, choose from among the different CV formats available online.

4. Make your CV stand out from the crowd.