Archiving Department

Fareed Mohammed Al Julandani

Head of Archiving Department

The opening of Archiving Office was on 1st June 2014, as an effort to achieve one of the goals of e-government project, where this office circulates the official documents electronically through the use of a dedicated electronic system linked with Ministry of Manpower. The electronic archiving system aims at facilitating the formal work in very professional and quicker manner. This is achieved through sending the official documents between different departments very quickly in addition to saving and indexing these documents in a way that makes it easy for the user to retrieve them in future. The process will help reducing the cost and the efforts (which is consumed by the having the traditional and the manual process. Moreover, the system will allow the user to follow up the documents and help acknowledging the users of the documents circulation process.

The Benefits of the system:

  • Saving human and physical resources by:

1. Cutting off the cost of the papers and other equipment.
2. Reducing the pressure on the different employees.

  • Saving time: by ensuring the deliverance of the document to the concerned departments in a short time which contributes to the facilitation of communication between different departments.
  • Facilitating documents follow-up process: through the numbering and categorization of the documents from the date in which the document has been established until the end of it.
  • Securing the confidentiality of the documents: unlike the manual way, the electronic archiving system will secure the confidentiality of any subject as the documents are sent directly to the concerned person without having any manual transformation of these documents.
  • Facilitating the retrieval of the documents: the electronic archive will make the retrieval of the documents much quicker and easy unlike the manual way of searching among hundreds of envelopes and boxes.
  • Electronic reminders and warnings: the system shall be programmed to give automatically assigned reminders and warnings, especially for following-up matters and/or holding subjects and tasks that have not been finalized by a particular department.
  • Easiness of providing statistical data: as long as the system provides automated statistics, the provision of such data will be handy and easy to control.

The Archiving Office is divided into sub-offices, namely:

    1. Post-Office, which operates with the following tasks:

  • Receiving of incoming mails from the internal and external units and converting the mails from its manual form to electronic format, which is then distributed to the concerned departments/units.
  • Receiving of the outgoing mails from the internal departments/units and concerting the mails from its manual form to electronic format, which is then transmitted to external units.
  • Distributing the electronic documents (incoming or outgoing) to the concerned departments/units.

    2.  Archiving Storage, which operates with the following tasks:

  • Saving the official documents by the classification standard issued by the National Records and Archives Authority, where these official documents are saved in customized folders.
  • Preservation and retention of the official documents from any damages.
  • Retrieval of the official documents, if any of the departments/units need to refer to it.


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