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About the Center


The English Language Center aims at developing students' linguistic proficiency by promoting active learning and use of English through extensive practice in all the language skills needed in various academic situations and the labour market. It also aims at enabling students to attain an advanced level competency in critical thinking skills, communication skills and study skills. Moreover, the ELC provides the skills that learners need to successfully advance towards educational, technical, and personal goals that ultimately lead to their full participation in the national development of Oman.

Admission & Progression

All registered students are eligible to enter the Programme. Their entry level depends on their linguistic ability. The in-house placement test will determine the English language level of each student and his or her placement is decided accordingly. This means that not all students will be required to take the four levels. Some may progress through the Programme much faster than others depending on the results of the Placement Test.


Students can be exempted from the placement test and admitted to the specialization programmes, provided they produce evidence of:

1. Achievement of Level Exit Exam at level 4, OR Proficiency in International Accredited Exams, i.e. Academic IELTS Band for 4.5 and 5.0 for Btech.

2. Meet IT & Maths Foundation Program requirements.


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