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“GFP Quality Audit Preparation and Proceedings” Awareness Presentation

09 May 2018

As the OAAA General Foundation Program (GFP) Quality Audit is round the corner, the English Language Centre Quality Assurance Committee (ELC QAC) conducted “GFP Quality Audit Preparation and Proceedings” awareness presentation for all the teaching and support staff members of ELC (English, Math & IT) on the 19th of April, 2018 in the College Multi-Purpose Hall from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

The aim of this event was to create awareness amongst the staff members on the following:

1.      The stages of General Foundation Program (GFP) Quality Audit

2.      GFPA Audit Scope according to (GFP) Quality Audit Manual scope

3.      General Foundation Program Management Structure, GFP Course offerings,  Specialization Program- entry level requirements

4.      GFP Student Progression (English, Math & IT) 

5.      A brief account on the work that has been completed and ongoing by the GFP audit Working Groups (English,  Math IT, & QA)

6.      Role and responsibilities of teachers in preparing the center for the quality audit.

More than 100 staff members attended the event.  The resource people were Ms. Ghada Sarhan – Head of the MoM Common Foundation Program Self-Assessment Technical Team who spoke about the stages of GFP Quality Audit, GFP Management Structure, GFP Course offerings, Specialization Program- entry level, GFP student Progression (English); Ms. Inez Lobo – The Team Leader of the CoTs’ GFPA: QA Working Group who gave a brief account on the GFPA QA Working Group work, and introduced the GFP Audit Scope to the staff members.    And Mr. Khalid Al Balushi – Member, CoTs’ GFPA: English Working Group, Dr. Dhanasekar – Assistant Team Leader of the CoTs’GFPA: Math Working Group, and Marthy L. Par - Team Leader of  CoTs’ GFPA: IT Working Group, gave the staff members  a clear idea on the progress made in unifying the GFP Aims, Objectives, Learning Outcomes, Course Content,  Assessment, and Testing Specifications. The Math & IT Team leaders also presented the GFP student Progression in Math and IT courses. . At the end of the program the GFPA QA WG Team Leader highlighted the role and responsibilities of the staff members in preparing the Center for the upcoming Quality Audit by OAAA. Finally, it concluded with the question answer session and closing comment by the anchor Ms. Heidi Manus (Level 3 Coordinator).

Report prepared by
Manoj Manuel

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