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Self-learning Club of ELC conducted Cancer Awareness program

12 November 2019

On Sunday 27th October, 2019, the Self-learning Club, with a 17 member team along with Ms. Muneera (Club Supervisor) and Ms. Omniyah (Clubs Coordinator) conducted Cancer Awareness program to campaign and encourage more students to support OCA Walkathon, 2019.

As a follow-up to the visit to National Oncology Center in Royal Hospital, the self-learning members shared their learning with the visitors with the help of posters and visual presentations. They discussed the main causes and the best ways to prevent cancer.  The members conducted a game where the visitors had to arrange pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods. Winners were gifted with samples of healthy food. They also analyzed the lifestyle and the typical diet of people in Oman.

A presentation by a guest speaker Ms. Muna Mohammed Al Aufi, an influencer and Cancer awareness activist and a board member of the OCA was also organized in the MPH of ELC. She talked about the importance of being aware of the disease and gave some simple tips to protect their families and loved ones.

ELC Director, Mr. Khalid Al Balushi and many staff members visited the program, listened to the discussions and appreciated the efforts of the club members for taking the initiative of creating awareness about cancer. He also presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the guest speaker Ms. Muna Al Aufi.

Report by Ms. Muneera

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