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ELC - “We Are Simple Families Going Home” - A Creative Writing Anthology

17 April 2017

Every Semester, Ms.Yasmin Ladha , Lecturer in the Foundation Program of the English Language Center , launches a creative writing anthology by her group students. This Semester the launch was on 28th March, 2017. It was attended by the ELC Director, Mr. Khalid Al Balushi, the ELC HOS, Mr. Mohammed Al Kharusi and some teachers of ELC. The highlight was the interactive dynamics between the writers and the audience.  It just sprung up!  What a boon!  Room No.  B120, the venue of the launch, was supercharged.  Ulyssess Andres, the college photographer, captured the wonderful moments in his camera.

There were 35 contributors (30 from Group 21 and 5 from Group 22 of LEVEL 2.)  We are Simple Families Going Home, the title, is from Ahmed Ali Binrasheed’s poem.  He is a visiting Yemeni student.  The front cover painting of a yelling girl is Arwa Al Harthi’s.  The back cover has Al Julanda Al Mandhari’s photograph of an elderly woman with incredible wrinkles.

In Ms.Yasmin’s words , “Submissions for this anthology arrived like spluttering electricity: Some submitted promptly.  Others needed “teacher-sit-with-me” hand holding.  A chunk let another day pass by.”

The content of We are Simple Families Going Home is about family (matters deeper than the ubiquitous beach barbeques), death, allowances and stipends, genetic diseases, the sinister road cutters (bent on looting passengers in countries at war), holiday, “move!” as in self confidence and self worth, and chocolate in its many avatars.  

There are HCT students who are painters and photographers, where are the writers?


Bionote:  Yasmin’s Blue Sunflower Startle, a novel, is currently being read at the University of Calgary.  She and a Delhi based writer have just finished a manuscript of their joint collection of poetry. 

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