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Culture and Traditions of Oman

07 January 2020

On 20th November 2019, the Foundation Program female students of Level 3 Groups 11 and 12, organized a special event to celebrate the 49th Glorious National Day. The two groups with around 20 female students, shared the different culture and traditions from the history of Oman and presented them in unique ways.

These presentations were planned and initiated by Ms. Raqiya Al Salehi. The main objective was to develop their speaking and communication skills. As it is imperative and many researchers have also confirmed that to acquire any language, students must engage in oral language practice and be given the opportunity to use language in meaningful ways for social and academic purposes.

The presentations lasted for about two hours.  Many staff members patiently listened to the presenters and encouraged them. The aids and materials used by the presenters were apt and attractive. Mr. Khaled Al Balushi, Director ELC, Mr. Mohammed Al Kharusi, HOS-ELPs,  Ms. Fakhriya Al Rashdi, HOS-C&T,  Ms. Ghada, SDP Coordinator,  Ms. Inez, QA Coordinator made their presence and motivated the students.

Overall the presentations were highly appreciated by all and indeed it proved to be a way to learn efficiently by sharing. 

Written by: Ms. Raqiya Al Salehi​

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