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Post-Foundation Staff Development Program

18 September 2022

On Wednesday, the 14th of September, 2022 the PF Academic Coordinator Dr. Tayba Al Hilali and the PF Assistant Academic Coordinator, Dr. Faiza Al Hasani conducted an Orientation Workshop on the new courses, namely, English for Academic Purposes, Technical Writing and Public Speaking. The program started with an overview of the new courses, presented by Dr. Tayba and Dr. Faiza. Subsequently, all the post-foundation teachers were divided into 7 groups to work together on allotted topics from the three new courses. The groups were to prepare a 15-minute presentation to explain the lesson plan. Each group appointed a facilitator and put their ideas together and came up with student-centered teaching methods and some practical tips and E-learning ideas on the given topics.  With active participation from all, the workshop proved to be fruitful and helpful to revitalize the new Academic year, 2022-2023.

Reported by
Dr. Tayba Al Hilali.
PF Academic Coordinator, ELC.

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