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English Language Center - Post-Foundation Program organized Staff Development Sessions

04 February 2020

Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati, the Academic Coordinator for the Post-Foundation English Language Program, organized two staff development sessions at the beginning of Semester 2 (19-20). Both sessions were presented and attended by post-foundation teachers. The first session discussed the use of technology in English language teaching/learning. Thus, it can be linked to one of the main elements in the college motto, vision and mission, namely technology (Ministry of Manpower, 2018). The second session focused on developing students’ critical thinking skills. This means that it looked at one of the graduate attributes included in the college strategic plan (Ministry of Manpower, 2018).    

A summary of the sessions is given below.

Written by:
Dr. Nasrin Al-Lawati
Post-Foundation Academic Coordinator


Ministry of Manpower (2018). Colleges of Technology’s (2019 – 2024) Strategic Plan Elements. Retrieved September 12, 2019, from

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