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Self-learning Club of ELC visited the National Oncology Centre in the Royal Hospital

24 October 2019

One of the active clubs of the English Language center (ELC), the Self-learning club visited the National Oncology Centre in the Royal Hospital on Thursday, the 17th of October 2019. The aim of the visit was to be aware of the sufferings and hardships faced by the cancer affected people and also to spread awareness among people to be sensitive and empathetic.

About 25 students along with their Club Supervisor Ms. Muneera Al- Ghamari, visited the hospital.  Prior to that, students researched and prepared a questionnaire on cancer.They also bought some gifts for the cancer affected children. At the hospital, students met some patients, played games and distributed the gifts. Then, they interviewed Doctors and Physicians and discussed the issue of cancer in Oman.

As the visit was part of ELC Club activities, students are asked to write a report in English which would enhance their language development. As a follow-up, the Self-learning club is organizing a Cancer Awareness Program on Sunday, 27th October, 2019. It is also to campaign and encourage more number of students to participate in the Oman Cancer Association (OCA) Walkathon which is scheduled to be on Tuesday, 29th October, 2019.

Report by Ms. Muneera

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