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Maximizing Student Talk Time

29 September 2019

As part of the Staff Professional Development (SPD), the ELC SPD Coordinator Ms. Ghada Sarhan organized a session on “Maximizing Student Talk Time" on Thursday, 26th September 2019, in the ELC-MPH.

The objective of this session is to enhance Student Centered Learning approach in the classroom teaching. It was conducted by Mr. Alex Warren, a Teacher Trainer, in collaboration with Cengage Learning, the National Geographic Learning. About 48 participants from Foundation and Post-Foundation of ELC attended the session.

It is believed that the balance of STT vs TTT is the key to success in the classroom and certainly for a student centered, communicative learning environment, there needs to be a substantial amount of STT. It’s imperative that of the class time students have, they get as many opportunities to speak as possible. However, maximising STT is not just maximising the amount, but also the quality of the STT in terms of its usefulness and productiveness. In this practical session, the trainer focused on what balance of STT vs TTT we should be aiming for, and what constitutes quality STT and how we can do this.

It was an interactive session where all the participants pondered and discussed the ways to increase the students talk time in the classroom.


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