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Editor’s Note - "We Had A Million Laughs About Things That Didn’t Really Matter"

02 April 2018

The launch of the 2nd semester creative writing anthology was on March 21, 2018, at the English language Centre.  The launch was attended by the Head of Section, English Language Programs, Mr. Mohamed Al Kharusi, Quality Assurance staff: Ms. Inez Lobo and Mr. Francis Rajendran, and a few teachers (most were teaching).  The title of the anthology, which is a mouthful, We Had A Million Laughs About Things That Didn’t Really Matter, is from Sultan Al Harthi’s writing, but along with Arwa Al Harthi’s front cover artwork, conveys grief that is raw and still gritty.

But it is not entirely a sad anthology: it has singeing love poetry, Jimmy Choo shoes, cold anger, childhood pranks, rain, a cloudy day,  laughter, the peel of the final school bell, a cycling team of family members, a spelling conundrum, about a loner, a brother and sister in the kitchen, fuselage and wings, a goody bag of stationery, changes an Omani grandfather has witnessed, a cantankerous granny who can’t stand her grandson’s longish hair, and a skit written by two Group 12 contributors for the Level 2 “Convince Me” competition about one car and family members going in different Directions.

Bringing diverse contributors (Level 2: Group 12, some contributors from Level 2: Group 11 and two guest contributors) to such creative projects invites synergy -- because the writing is immensely varied.

Bionote: Yasmin Ladha is a fiction and non-fiction writer and a poet.

Written by:
Yasmin Ladha

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