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“We rise by lifting others”

12 October 2021

The visit to Khaboura, the flood-affected town in Batinah - was a day worth spending. On 7th October 2021, around 35 staff members from English Language Center (ELC) volunteered and drove in an 8-car convoy with a lot of necessary supplies and materials to help out people in Khaboura. The sight and the plight of people there were heart-rending. Many of them were seen cleaning the havoc and mess created by cyclone Shaheen.  Some of them were just sitting outside in front of their houses as they could do nothing because of the loss of materials at home and probably waiting for the Sun to dry their stuff which could be used again.

The visit by the group of ELC volunteers certainly brought some cheers, help, and hope to their eyes. They received the donations warmly by thanking and wishing back all the grace of God upon them. Indeed, they showed an enormous amount of gratitude. The most important point here was the spirit of the volunteer group that came together in this act. It was a treat to eyes to watch the enthusiasm and urge to help out with whatever they can.  In short notice, initiated by few, but implemented by many, everyone (ELC) donated with open hands and contributed. Having a local volunteer there at Khaboura made this day’s activity much easier.  Spending the day in this act of charity with unity is what is very much appreciated. The visit by the volunteer group has definitely made a big difference in some lives and of course in their own life too. Every charitable act is a stepping stone toward heaven.         

Report by:
Ms. Neeraja

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