English Language Center

Learning Facilities

The Free Access Labs

The ELC has two free access labs whereby students can do certain assignments and research using the World Wide Web. They can, furthermore; brows an inventory of activities divided level wise through the internal server provided by the college. The comprehensive E-Learning Portal caters for students of both Foundation and Post-Foundation to materialize SDL ( Self-Directed Learning).

Self - Access Centre (SAC)

There are two SACs in the English Language Centre. The Self-Access Centre, or the SAC, as the name suggests, is a place where students are free to access, i.e., to choose and use, learning resources according to their individual needs and interests. In other words, it is a place where students work independently in order to improve their English language proficiency.

The Writing Centre

The writing centre mission in the ELC is to improve students’ writing skills to communicate clearly and effectively on a variety of topics. In it, teachers work face-to-face with students to identify and rectify students’ writing problems. Simply put, it helps students to improve all the writing skills and sub-skills.


The ELC has classes that are spacious and equipped with smart boards, LCD projectors and computers. Classes are daily maintained and made ready for comfortable use.

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