English Language Center

Programmes and Courses

Foundation Programme
The General Foundation Programme (GFP) mainly aims at developing students' linguistic proficiency and gaining the required MATH knowledge and IT skills to meet the academic requirements of the Post-Foundation specializations. Though it is a non-credit course, it is a prerequisite to joining the Post-Foundation Programmes. Throughout the four levels in GFP, newly registered students are placed in these levels according to their scores in the English Placement Test, regardless of their prospective specialization. However, students who score exceptionally well on the Placement Test (76% and above) qualify to sit for level 4 English Exit Exam as well as MATH and IT Exams. Upon passing these Exit Exams, students go directly to the credit hour Programme, provided that they meet all the other admission criteria for the target specialization.

Post - Foundation Programme

The English Language Centre offers courses at different post-foundation levels to students of different specializations. The courses represent an extension to the English Foundation Programme. They aim at equipping students with skills that are important for the demands of the academic studies and the job market. These skills include report writing skills, presentation and communication skills, critical thinking skills, and creative thinking skills. There are 4 teaching hours per week for each course.

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