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Educational Technology Centre, with its three sections namely Computer Services Section (CSS), Educational Services Section (ESS) and Library Services Section (LSS), is an integral hub for the development and integration of technology and innovation. The CSS provides IT support and technical services for HCT departments, academic and administration for both staff and students. Services include network support, technical support, hardware support, software support, web development and software development. The ESS provides the educational needs for all departments such as equipment, reproduction of learning materials and a portal. The LS provides lending of educational books, periodicals, subscription materials and other learning resources. It has an available internet access for research works of students and staffs.

The Educational Technology Center gives appropriate supports to the teachers and students to equip them with the full knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). Among them are:

Academic Technology Services meets the evolving information technology needs of HCT academic programs, providing support for faculty in integrating information technology into teaching and learning as well as exploring, developing, and promoting the use of next-generation technologies to support and enrich instruction at HCT.

Student Computing Services provides facilities and support, including public computer labs, wireless access, and wired network access in residence hall rooms, to meet students’ needs for technology in their class work and, to the extent possible, for personal learning projects.

Administrative Systems supports efficient and effective administrative operations through technical support and other information management systems in the College in order to ensure data security and to provide timely, accurate data as the basis for management decisions.

Help Services solves problems for faculty, staff, and students, helping them to use technology to meet their needs in learning, research, or administration. Helpdesk Services is the campus-wide point of contact for assistance from ETC for services, projects, and supported software and hardware issues.

Desktop Support Services assists teaching, learning, research and administrative operations by providing standardized, up to date, and reliable hardware and software configurations for faculty and staff desktop workstations.

Data Network Services provides a flexible, secure, manageable, and reliable network infrastructure and network-based services to support teaching and learning, research, and administrative operations. It manages central systems and servers that support teaching and research, collaboration, communication, data storage, administrative and academic operations, and connectivity to Internet resources.

Information and Communication Services provides reduced risk of miscommunication with consistent messages; improves response times and coordination efforts; faster sending of messages to students, from anywhere through the Students messaging System in minutes, at any time; no additional charges for Web-based services; time-intensive, error-prone manual process are automated; Save time and keep information accurate and up-to-date with our Students Messaging System.

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