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Computer Labs Services

Computer laboratories are being monitored every two (2) hours daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm. As part of the monitoring procedure, the laboratory technical support staffs are tasked to perform the following duties on their respective laboratory assignments:

  • Check and verify the number of monitors, number of CPU, and the availability of LCD Projector and electronic board in each computer laboratory.
  • Prepare and organize the laboratory for the classes.
  • Check the status of hardware, software, and network connectivity.
  • Resolve any hardware, software or network issues in the laboratory.

The above details are being logged by the technical staff in a laboratory monitoring form. A file which consists of the laboratory diagrams is kept in each laboratory. These files must be utilized by the lecturers to log any malfunctions concerning computer hardware, software, or network which may have occurred during classes. During the monitoring period, the technicians collect the files containing requests from their respective laboratory assignments and will respond to each request immediately.

On the other hand, the staff can also visit the helpdesk office at N426 to log their requests concerning the computer laboratories. The helpdesk coordinator delegates the task to the responsible technician for the implementation of appropriate solution.

General Guidelines for Computer Laboratory

1.The computer laboratory is for the use of students currently registered at HCT.
2. Students can only access computer laboratory rooms under the direct supervision of lecturers or staff and only during class hours.
3. The consumption of foods and beverages, including bottled water is prohibited.
4. Students are responsible of their personal belongings. ETC will not be held liable for any lost or stolen personal items while in the laboratory.
5. The computer laboratory is a quiet area. Mobile phones must be in silent mode or switched off. Group meetings and mobile conversations while in the laboratory premises are prohibited. If deemed necessary, a member of the ETC staff may ask the student to leave.
6. It is the responsibility of every user to ensure that computer laboratory equipment is not being abused, damaged, or abused in a manner other that what it is intended for.
7. If any of the activities in the laboratory is threatening or otherwise disruptive to others, a member of the ETC staff has the authority to ask those responsible to leave or report their misconduct to the Student Affairs Office.

Laboratory Policies

1.Students must login using their HCT credentials. If this information is lost, the student must approach the Student Helpdesk Center for password resetting.
2. Students are not allowed to modify configurations, change system settings ore preferences, or install any software in any laboratory.
3. Files and documents should be saved in the Network Home Folder. Files left on computer hard drives will be removed routinely.
4. Due to limited computer resources, playing of games and use of network chat programs other that HCT activities are prohibited.
5. Do not attempt to repair or disassemble any laboratory equipment. Report any suspected problems with equipment or software to ETC.
6. All computers in the laboratory are for academic, instructional and research purposes only. Using course related equipment for commercial gain is strictly prohibited.
7. Printing facility is provided and is available at the Students Helpdesk Center (N412).
8. Students are responsible for the ethical and educational use of computer online services at HCT. All policies and restrictions of computer online services must be followed.
9. ETC staff are available at the Students Helpdesk Center to answer basic questions on the operation of laboratory equipment and the usage of laboratory software.
10. Students must show respect for the laboratory facilities as well as with other users.
11. Failure to comply with any of these rules may result in the suspension of computing privileges at HCT.

Lab Designations

# Lab Designation Total No. of Labs Description
1 IT Lab 14 - The IT laboratory rooms are commonly used for courses using general programming and application software. - All IT labs in ELC are dedicated for IT courses of HCT students enrolled in the Foundation Program. And those that are located in the Admin and Main Buildings are utilized for IT courses of other academic departments, esp. IT department.
2 Course Project Lab 1 - The Course Project lab is utilized by the IT students in designing software required in their course projects. The same lab is used for conducting lectures in the same course.
3 Hardware Troubleshooting and Simulation Lab   - The Hardware Troubleshooting and Simulation lab is specifically used to familiarize students with the different computer hardware peripherals such as the motherboard, memory, CPU, I/O devices, etc. Hardware troubleshooting methods are also demonstrated in this lab.
4 Cisco Lab 2 - The Cisco laboratory rooms are utilized by HCT students specializing in CCNA course.
- The labs are equipped with desktop computers, routers, switches, access point, and other networking devices that allow students to have a hands-on experience on installation, configuration, and troubleshooting of cisco networking devices.
- The knowledge and skills acquired by students from this course prepare them to become competitive in the IT industry.
5 Oracle Academy Lab 3 - The Oracle Academy laboratory rooms are utilized by HCT students specializing in Oracle courses.
- These labs are installed with Oracle 10g software that enables students to practice designing and managing their databases.
- This course is also a preparation for a certification exam that would make them competitive in the IT industry.
6 Linux Lab 1 - The Linux Lab is utilized by HCT students specializing in Unix / Linux courses.
- This lab is installed with Red hat Linux software. In this lab, students can install, configure, and troubleshoot Linux / Unix operating system.
7 Free Access Lab 6 - The Free Access Lab in HCT is an open laboratory where students can use a computer to work on their assignments, course projects, research, and other educational activities. Educational software required in courses as well as internet connectivity are available in the laboratory.
- Guidelines for Free Access Laboratory:
1. The laboratory is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Saturday to Wednesday.
2. Student may use any available computer at the laboratory.
3. Students must login to the systems using their HCT credentials.
4. Students are not allowed to save anything on the local hard drive; thus, installation of software is not permitted.
5. Files and documents should be saved in the Network Home Folder. A secondary storage device may be needed to save / backup your files.
8 Pharmacy Lab 1 - The Pharmacy Lab is utilized by Pharmacy department. It is installed with specialized software used to demonstrate or simulate chemical formula.
9 Fashion Design Lab 2 - The Fashion Design Labs are utilized by HCT students specializing in Fashion Design. These labs are installed with graphics editing software that would aid them in designing their fashion design materials.
10 AutoCAD Lab 7 - The AutoCAD Labs are utilized by HCT students specializing in Engineering courses. These labs are installed with graphics editing software such as AutoCAD that would aid them in designing their engineering materials.
11 Multimedia Lab 4 - The Multimedia Labs are specifically designed for Language courses offered in the Foundation Program. - These labs are installed with various English Language software, dictionary, and the like to practice and demonstrate the language skills of students.
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