Computer Services Section

Database Services

System Implementation:

The database team works on creating databases, developing systems according to the needs of users in different departments, follow existing systems and modifying it as users request, as well as upgrading existing systems according to the technology available to keep pace with technological development.

The Database Team served Oracle installation requests from the students and the staff. Oracle Database and Oracle Developer Suite were installed and configured to run the SQL, Forms, and Reports.

Any user who wants to access a system needs to contact the Helpdesk. The Helpdesk Coordinator will endorse the request to the Database Team. Then, the team will activate the user and sets the privileges to access the system. The privileges are given to the users according to their respective positions. Once the privileges are given to the user, he/she can now access the application server through the college website.

The Database Team has designed and implemented the following database systems for different departments like:

  •  Helpdesk System
  •  Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
  •  Library Management System
  •  Software Library System
  •  Offense Management System
  •  Asset Management System
  •  Car Reservation System
  •  Admin Room Reservation System
  •  DAP Equipment Reservation System
  •  Mobile App System
  •  New Student Intake System
  •  Engineering Select Specialization Intake System
  •  Free access Lab PC Available status System
  •  Appraisal System
  •  Graduation System
  •  Equipment Borrowing System
  •  Discussion Room Reservation System
  •  Grievance System

Assist Database Lecturer:

  •  Assist lecturers to do the following for the Apex Users:

            -  Create/Drop Workspaces one per one or by group

            -  Create/Drop Users one per one or by group

  •  Exam Support & Invigilation:

           -  Assist in issues during the exam

           - Monitor User session to detect duplicate login

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