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Students Helpdesk Services

Help Desk provides technical support to all students of HCT. The Students' Heldesk Room is designated to address queries and requests of students. The main office for Students Helpdesk Services is located at N412 (Admin Building), and satellite offices are located in Rm. 245 (Main Building) and A106 (ELC), extension no. 5060.

In lieu with the goals of the center, the Computer Services Section introduced the HCT Software Library, a computing facility that stores downloadable versions of freeware or open source software. This was devised to support the software requirements of the seven (7) academic departments and the English Language Center in HCT.

The services offered include the following:

1. Login with your HCT user accounts.
2. Open your files from the Home Network drives of your accounts.
3. Load your papers into the printer tray before hitting the print command.
4. Check the printed documents before you leave.
1. This service is on a “first-come, first-served” basis only.
2. We do not provide papers. You should bring your own.
3. You are allowed to print only one copy of your document.
4. Flash drives and external drives are not allowed.
5. Color printing is not allowed.
6. Negative images (white text on black background) are prohibited.
7. Full page slide printing (e.g. PowerPoint) is not allowed. You can print at least two slides on a page.
8. You are not allowed to edit your documents on the counter PCs. Use free-access labs N418 and N419 (Admin Building), CE118 (Engineering), and 204 (Main Building).
9. You are only allowed to print class projects, assignments and research documents related to your academic subjects.
10. Make sure your documents do not exceed 25 pages. You are not allowed to print beyond this limit.

Wireless & Software Installation
1. Get a Service Request Form from the counter.
2. Fill it up completely.
3. Present the form together with your HCT ID to a helpdesk personnel.
4. Follow indicated instructions.
5. Present your ID when claiming your unit.
1. This service is on a “first-come, first-served” basis only.
2. No HCT ID, no service will be provided.
3. Please stay and wait unless otherwise advised.
4. You may leave your laptop if service will require at least 30 minutes to complete.
5. You should claim your laptop within two hours or before 3:00 p.m.
6. ETC will not be held liable for any unclaimed laptop.
Wireless Hotspots:
1. Admin Building – N412, Cafeteria
2. Main Building – All areas
3. Engineering – Architectural Building
4. ELC – All areas

Online Software Library
1.Logon to the HCT website (Intranet) in free access labs
2. Click on the link for HCT Software Library
3. Logon to the HCT Software Library using your HCT credentials.
4. Click on the Software Button
5. Select the desired software from the list.
6. The software are indexed alphabetically, click on the index of the software that you wish to download.
7. Select the software then click on the download button.
8. Save the downloaded software in a local or external disk drive.
9. The software will be downloaded on a zipped file format, thus WinRAR is required to open the files.
10. Logout from the system.
1. The software library is accessible only through Intranet.
2. You must login with your HCT credentials in order to access the library.
3. User downloads will b
e tracked and recorded by the system.
4. Downloading of software is limited to one copy per user.
5. Users that misuse or abuse this service maybe denied access to the software library.

User Account Creation and Password Resetting
1. Get your Username and Password from your adviser.
2. If your name is not on the adviser’s list, ask your adviser to request a new account for you by sending the details via email to the Staff Helpdesk Coordinator at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
3. New accounts will be active after a day from receipt of the email request.
4. You can check your username and password in any computer lab.
1. For lost or forgotten passwords, fill-up a Service Request Form available at the counter.
2. Submit the form together with your HCT ID to the helpdesk personnel.
3. You can check your new password after two hours from the submission of request.
4. Requests submitted beyond 3:00 p.m. will be activated the next day.

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