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About ESS

The Educational Services Section, under the Educational Technology Center provides the educational needs of the college, in terms of supports such as equipment, reproduction of learning materials and a portal towards achieving high quality education. Among their primary responsibilities are:
1. To promote better and flexible learning environment.      (The E-Learning Portal)
2. To provide teaching staff with adequate educational materials.     (Photocopy Section Services)
3. To maintain adequate learning resources.               (Equipment)
4. To provide technical support for the efficient use of educational resources and aids.  (Workshop and Technical Trainings)

ESS offers the following services:
1. E-Learning Portal Management and Development
2. Reproduction of Learning Materials (Photocopy Services)
3. Learning Support Equipment
4. Seminars, Trainings and Workshops

To provide teachers with adequate number of learning materials distributed among the students, the section takes care of the reproduction of teachers’ course materials and other learning documents.

One of the effective educational activities that can improve the teaching and learning process is by the use of audiovisual methods. Sight is the sense engaged in reading. Sight is the sense through which humans acquire the majority of their knowledge. Therefore, the more sight can be engaged in a learning experience, often the easier it is for a student to recall it.

Many individuals in the teaching profession use various equipment to help them present material to their classes, such as Interactive Boards, LCD projectors, multimedia speakers, and digital video camera. The educational supports provided by the section to the learning community are loaning of audiovisual equipment. Interactive boards are installed at different locations within the college and are available for a better simulation of the lectures and teaching methods.  In addition to this, the section also provides services for the reproduction of learning materials and other educational materials.

The photocopy section handles the reproduction of the following:

  • Examination questionnaires, quizzes, lecture notes and other educational and learning materials compiled for teaching purposes.
  • Forms, manuals and booklets for registration purposes.
  • Binding Booklets

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