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AVA / Photocopying Services

ESS also provides a photocopy service reproduce essential materials such as exam papers, quizzes, study materials and etc. to be distributed across the College. ESS uses best possible technology to ensure that the services provided is efficient and high-end quality.
Location: AVA Room
Extension No: 5085
Timing: 7:30AM - 8:00PM

The AVA Photocopying Team handles the following services:
1. Reproduction of examination questionnaires, quizzes, lecture notes and other educational and learning materials compiled for teaching purposes.
2. Reproduction of forms, manuals and booklets for registration purposes.
3. Binding Booklets

Procedure 1: The requester should contact the photocopier services unit through the following methods:
1.1 At the beginning of every semester, staff from each department should submit a report to HoS which consists all the necessary information such as the course offered, total number of students per course, etc. and submit or email to Photocopy Coordinator to identify the related materials to be on queue for photocopying request.
1.2 For important photocopying service request such as examination papers, the Job Order Request Forms are available at the Photocopy Room.

Procedure 2: The photocopier coordinator will ensure the request document fulfill all the criteria for photocopying educational materials
2.1 In case the educational material number of pages exceeds 100, prior approval should obtained from respective HoS/HoD before submitting the request
2.2 Photocopying request which are less than 100 pages will not be accommodated by the AVA. Staff will print the required number of pages from their Department’s photocopying machine. AVA will only photocopy the material if all the photocopying machines in the Department of the staff requester are not working.

Procedure 3: Check for the approval and signs the photocopy services request.

Procedure 4: Assign the job to photocopier staff.
4.1 In case any delay due to a valid reasons such as non- availability of machine components/lack of manpower/delay in maintenance. The photocopier staff will inform the HCT staff who have requested for photocopying via email or contact numbers

Procedure 5: Follow up the assigned job till the job gets done and update the same in log.

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