Library Services Section

Interlibrary Cooperation

Our college library has tie-up with Oman’s two prominent libraries Hisn A’Shumookh Library and Sultan Qaboos University Library. They are ready to provide the required research papers and book chapters from their subscribed e-Resources. This kind of arrangement will help us to get the required information to enhance the quality of our teaching and learning.

If you need journal articles or book chapters (e-Books) from the online databases subscribed by these two libraries for your academic needs and scholarly activities, we request you to kindly submit your request via ‘Ask Librarian’ form which is available online on the library webpage. The library will get the required information for you from either Sultan Qaboos University Library or Hisn A’Shumookh Library.


Hisn A’Shumookh Library
Hisn A’Shumookh Library ( and ) is one of the well-established libraries in Oman. The library has wide range of collections for science and technology subjects which comprises both print and electronic formats. Hisn A’Shumookh Library subscribes to major online databases for example Ebrary, Arabase, Ecolink, Edusearch, Medline Complete, ProQuest Central and ProQuest Dissertation.

Sultan Qaboos University Library
Sultan Qaboos university ( ) main library is one of the biggest libraries in Oman. It subscribes to most of well-renowned online e-Journals and e-Books databases such as ProQuest, EBSCO host, Access Medicine, ACM Digital Library, APS Physics, Web of Science, ASTM International, Engineering Village, Emerald insight, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, IEEE Computer Society, IET Digital Library, MEDLINE, Science Direct, SpringerLink E-journals, Taylor and Francis Online, ASME Digital Collection, etc. This broader coverage will certainly help us to get the required information from them.

Library Services Section