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طلاب الكلية التقنية العليا يفوزوا في عدة مسابقات في التصوير الضوئي. عشقوا الكاميرا وعشقتهم فأصبحت عدساتهم العين التي يخاطبون بها الجمهور رفعوا علم عمان عاليا في المسابقات الدولية بمواهبهم الفذة، فاز الطالب زهير السيابي عضو جماعة التصوير بالكلية العليا بالمركز الأول في عدة مسابقات دولية ومحلية ،حيث حصلت صورة (الصياد3)…
Wednesday, 02 April 2014 12:57

Mother's Day Celebration

العليا تحتفل بيوم الأم برعاية الفاضلة/ أنيسة بنت محمد الوهيبية رئيسة قسم الإسكان والأنشطة الطلابية والتخرج وبحضور الفنانة / شمعة محمد نظمت الكلية التقنية العليا إحتفالاً بمناسبة يوم الأم بمسرح الكلية. تضمن برنامج الحفل عدة فقرات،بداية الحفل كانت مع فيلم مرئي عن الأم ودورها الأسري، بعد ذلك شاركت جماعة الإنشاد…
After bagging 2 positions in the last year’s E&Y Students’ Excellence Award, the Business Department - Accounting Section is again setting its foot for this year’s competition. The opportunity presented by one of the big four audit firms of the world, Ernst & Young is more than fulfilling. All participating…
Students had participated in and had gained a great deal of CISCO knowledge through the exceptional expertise of the CISCO Networking Academy personalities last 4-March-2014. The students met the CISCO experts in the person of Marc Khayat (Technical Manager, Turkey Middle East and North Africa) and Mr. Walid Issa (CISCO…
On the 5th March 2014, Business Society of Ibri College of Technology organized an intercollegiate quiz competition. Five teams participated from Shinas College of Technology (SCT), Nizwa College of Technology (NCT), Ibri College of Technology (ICT) and the Higher College of Technology HCT. Each Team consists of 4 members. There…
The activity was the Students’ Quiz Competition “Accounting Quiz Bee” was organized by the Accounting Section, Business Studies Department. It had a participation of 60 students from the Accounting Specialization in Bachelor level. It was conducted in two rounds; first, on the 4th February and 11th February 2014, respectively. It…
Monday, 10 February 2014 14:49

IT - Networking Quiz Bee

The Department of Information Technology - Networking Area held the IT- Networking Quiz Bee on 6 February 2014 @N240. Seven (7) Bachelor students specializing in Networking actively participate in this elimination quiz competition. They randomly answer 25 questions from 6 categories which cover general information about IT Networking. The event…
We are pleased to announce that out of the 16 competing teams across Oman (11 teams from SQU, 1 team from College of Banking and Finance, and 4 teams from HCT), the 25% representation in the competition garnered and won ALL the three prizes at the Sharikati Competition 2013. The…
Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:33

Three Muscateers of HCT

Three girls from Oman were pitted against 300 brilliant young minds representing 71 nations, who had gathered in St. Petersburg in Russia, the cultural capital of the world's largest country, eyeing honours in the world's premier student technology competition. It was a 4 - 5 days of presentations and evaluations…
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