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Stand-Up Meeting of Server Owners with the Data Center

24 December 2017

The Data Center Team under the leadership of Ms. Mahfoodha Al Farqani, instigated a Stand-Up Meeting with all the server administrators and server owners within Educational Technology Center last December 19, 2017 to introduce the latest development and improvements in the data center infrastructure. The quick meeting also aimed to involve all the server owners in the implementation process where it is applicable. The most recent project of the data center team is to improve and enhance the services offered to all server owners. The said project was also intended to allow for upgrade to latest version of operating systems and applications. Mr. Mohammed Al Harmali and Ms. Mahfoodha Al Farqani both presented the new infrastructure and the improvements plants.

Data Center Team is under the Computer Services Section headed by Mrs. Zayana Al Sinawi and under the umbrella of Educational Technology Center. Data Center is housed in Administration Building and its main function is to centralizes the HCT's IT operations and equipment as well as manages the most critical system and are important to the steadiness of daily IT operations across the college.

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