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Optimizing Work with MS Planner

21 February 2021

Ms. Mahfoodha Al Farqani, Data Center Team Leader under Computer Services Section in collaboration with Mrs. Zayana Al Sinawi, Head of CSS and ETC Staff Training Development organized a training entitled, “Optimizing Work with MS Planner”, last February 18, 2021 through MS Teams platform, as approved by Dr. Asmaa Hamoud Al Mahrubi, Head of Educational Technology Center. The purpose of the session is to increase the productivity of the ETC members using the available productivity software within the University.

The training session focused on Microsoft Planner, is a planning application available on the Microsoft Office 365 platform. It is a task management and project management tool that can be directly integrated into MS Teams and other MS Office products. MS Planner creates an easy-to-use overview of tasks that need to be completed, in an all-in-one dashboard that can be shared among team members. Also, with Planner, you as well as each teams can create plans, assign tasks, chat about tasks an see charts of each team’s progress. It is easy to use and makes it possible to plan tasks and handle small projects without complex planning effort. With MS Planner, you can efficiently assign and organize times and tasks. You can also set deadlines, share files and, of course, team members can communicate with each other.

The session was participated by all of Head of Sections of the Center as well as the Team Leaders. As part of the center’s Staff Training and Development plan, a series of training sessions will be conducted every Thursday.

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