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Tuesday, 10 September 2013 13:33

Three Muscateers of HCT

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Three girls from Oman were pitted against 300 brilliant young minds representing 71 nations, who had gathered in St. Petersburg in Russia, the cultural capital of the world's largest country, eyeing honours in the world's premier student technology competition. It was a 4 - 5 days of presentations and evaluations by industry experts. Initial nervousness gave way to the excitement and playing the confidence booster were interactions, positive feedbacks and tips for enhancement. 

Though they did not win the competition, Asya Mohamed Al Jabri, Marwa Saud Al Habsi and Safa Al Mukhaini, won the hearts of many, as their very presence had piqued everyone's curiosity, disproving the global concept that women, especially those from the Arab world, have got nothing to do with technology. What they have demonstrated in St. Petersburg in Russia was worthier than any prestigious prize. 

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