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ETC Staff Training & Development - Writing Effective Emails : An Email Etiquette Seminar

13 December 2017

Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer, Head of Educational Technology Center coordinated with Dr. Mohammed Ali Oueslati, Head of Applied Science Department to organized a seminar entitled, “Writing Effective Emails: An Email Etiquette”, held last December 7, 2017.  The aim of the said seminar is to make the best possible use of emails to communicate effectively.  The participants were very delighted as the key speaker provided them the tips and techniques in writing effective email which can be applied internally and externally.  The outline of the seminar are as follows:

  1. Objectives
  2. Email Policy
  3. Email Etiquette
  4. Email Anatomy
  5. Flaming Emails
  6. Confidentiality
  7. Email Blunders

Some of the participants provided their comments after the seminar as written below:

1. Mahfoodha Al Farqani, Team Leader of the Data Center Team commented, “The session was useful with regard to email writing.  What I like the most beside the skills and technique is the tips she shared, like, reading the email loud before you could sent it to the recipient and to send it to yourself to experience the feeling of the recipient if he/she receives it, especially with an angry or disgruntled mails or reply”.

2. Sheryl Santos, Team Leader of the Web Team said, “The seminar was very informative and there was a lively discussion between the speaker and the attendees. The speaker is knowledgeable enough as she was able to connect the topic with the actual tasks/scenarios of the people.”

3. Ulysses Andres, ETC’s Official Photographer/Helpdesk Technical Staff, commented on the following:
“About the speaker:   The speaker knows the topic well. Very informative and professionally answers all the questions. The only problem that I notice was it requires more time for the presentation.
About the location:  The place is good for the number of people that attended but it cannot accommodate if more people will come.
About the organizers: It was well organized, from the start till the end of event. “

4. Pridiviradje, Team Leader of the  Helpdesk Technical Team, mentioned the following: “

  • These type of seminars are definitely useful for us to enhance our performances and it has to be conducted for other staffs also in our college.
  • The presenter clearly described about the topic with some examples too.
  • Due to shortage of time, she was not able to complete the seminar in detail in the end.
  • Gained some useful information during the seminar.
  • Totally, I was useful and thanks for your effort to creating like these seminars.”

The key speaker of the seminar is Ms. Rosa Maria F. Baesa “Ameena”, has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  She has ten years working experience as an Administrative Coordinator in Chemistry Section, thus, she is knowledgeable and skilled in writing business correspondence.  And she is an IELTS passer.  She is also a license and registered Medical Technologists with more than fifteen years of hospital laboratory experience.  She is a very organized person who has profound attention to detail and very articulate in communication skills.

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