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ETC Media Team

The ETC Media Team is responsible for managing the Higher College of Technology’s Digital Signage system; a form of electronic display that serves as a visual communication medium to inform students, faculty, staff, and visitors about events occurring in HCT.

The creation of content for digital displays, maintenance and all technical considerations are under the responsibility of the Media Group.

Multimedia content for informational, instructional, and educational purposes are displayed, that includes (but is not limited to): programs, meetings, activities held in the college, campus news, facts and emergency messages, and important current events.

Digital Signage offers the opportunity to any department on campus to publicize events or broadcast announcements that are of student interest or student-oriented in nature.


Digital signage displays are located throughout HCT’s campus in strategic areas to capture a wide audience.

Policies and Procedures

The ETC Media Team under Educational Technology Center is the administrator of a Digital Signage System comprised of (150 ) 19’ screen, (18) 40” screen and (6 ) tickers located in the new building, old building and ELC.

The Display Screens offer the College community and its guest’s information on courses timetable, the location of events and programs being held in the college premises.

The guidelines for requesting to post events are listed below. Failure to adhere to these policies could affect the playing of your request. We may not be able to accommodate requests if not given adequate notice.

  • Guidelines for request

    • Digital signage is primarily intended for posting of events and programs that are In addition, it is intended for use by College departments, the Administration, Students Affairs Departments, and student groups of HCT.
    • All Announcements/Contents/events must focus around Higher College of Technology’s students.
    • Announcements/Contents may not be in conflict with the mission of the Higher College of Technology
    • All request submissions must be made to the Media Group using the request form found in Media office in room number ( 402 ) two (2) days in advance. Failure to give proper time to post the request may result in the request not being displayed.
    • Request should be published according to priority.
    • All Announcements/Contents will be posted as they are submitted.
    • The Media Team will not correct spelling, grammar or Formatting errors.
    • All files and announcements/contents will be discarded after the last scheduled run date. Groups wishing to re-run the announcements/contents or will have to resubmit the announcements/contents at the later date.
    • All announcements/contents must be in one of the following file formats: Power Point (limited), Flash, jpeg, Windows Media videos, AVI.
    • All other HCT policies apply.
  • Content Policies

    • Requests will be posted after they have been approved by the H.O.Section or H.O.Department.
    • It is the responsibility of the person who is making a posting request to provide accurate information.
    • Submission requests that meet the content policies will be reviewed based on the following criteria (all requests are subject to review by ETC):
      - Relevance
      - Timeliness
      - Target Audience
      - Appropriateness/Decency
  • Procedures

    • All announcements/contents requests should be sent to the Media Office in room number ( 402 )
    • Pre-designed announcements/contents requests should meet the following criteria: - Main Window designs should be 1024 pixels wide x 576 pixels high or submitted as a Power Point slide (which needs to be saved as a jpeg).
    • Submission requests that meet the content policies will be reviewed based on the following criteria (all requests are subject to review by ETC):
      - Copy
      - Photos
      - Artwork
    • Requests for video clips, streaming video, or animated announcements/contents, etc., should be sent 1 week prior to the desired posting date. Announcements/contents information and a full description of the request must be included.
    • Announcements/contents requests will be posted 1-2 days prior to the event.
    • Emergency/Urgent messages will be handled immediately after the approval of the H.O.Department

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