Mission Statement
The mission of ETC’S Risk Management, Health & Safety Team is to uphold safety and avoidance of accident; administer the safety of Higher College of Technology properties, both individual and monetary; reduce legal accountability; and sustain conformance with environmental and safety regulations.

What is ETC’s Risk, Health & Safety Team?
ETC Risk, Healthy & Safety Team is in-charge of recognizing and assessing the risk, health & safety associated with activities and operations of the entire college; creating a way to manage, lessen or remove those risks with the use of the proper resources provided by the Higher College of Technology.  The risks include but not limited to the following:

  • Natural disasters
  • Sickness or illness
  • Physical injury
  • Loss or damage to properties resulting from risky practices
  •  Financial losses

ETC RHS Team tries to get rid of or manage these risks through hazard classification and rectification, accident avoidance, training, fire prevention systems and other various precautions.  On the individual level, risk, health & safety is the endeavor of each HCT staff to make the fullest utilization of his/her individual potential to get rid of or lessen hazards in his own working or occupational environment.