ETC Staff Training & Development

The Program for Staff Cross -Training is a program designed to increase staff performance in their current positions; and to provide opportunities for staff to hone their skills, knowledge and abilities which may improve their chances for career advancement within the ETC.

Cross Training Policy

  1. Purpose 
    To encourage growth and career development of ETC Staff by coaching and by helping them achieve their personal goals.  Through cross training, the ETC developed a human resources by providing adequate training, encourage the staff for better career development and learning.

  2. Scope 
    This policy applies to all ETC ensuring that the application of this policy are clearly communicated between the ETC Management and all members of ETC Staff.

  3. Policy Statement
    All cross training program should be discussed with the HoS and the concerned ETC staff in accordance with the guidelines and procedures discussed under the Program for Staff Cross Training.

  4. Responsibilities and Stakeholders 

4.1 HoS/HoC

            Work with ETC Staff to:

· Assess and provide feedback on their skills and knowledge
· Select training and development activities that match their career development objectives and job needs
· Follow up with ETC staff after a learning activity to integrate new skills and knowledge into their responsibilities

4.2  ETC Staff

    The role of the ETC Staff is to:

· Take initiative to assess skills and interest and seek development activities that match needs
· Work with HoS/HoC to identify training and development objectives

4.3  ETC Staff Affairs Coordinator

· Ensures that policies and programs expedite the continuing development of ETC staff.


Cross Training Guidelines

Approval: The application for training must be approved by the staff’s Team Leader, Head of Section.

Length of Training: Cross training placements shall not exceed six (6) months. Training placements should be scheduled for no less than (15) and no more than (35) hours per week. The staff’s Team Leader and the Head of Section will negotiate specific schedules with sufficient care to guarantee minimal disruption to the trainee and the trainer. Training is generally completed done during normal business hours

Implementing the Cross Training

  1. Identify the staffs’ the trainer and the trainee
  2. Preparation of the training task plan by the trainer which details the tasks to be trained and the time frame for each task/sub-task.
  3. Complete the Agreement for Cross Training for the trainee         
  4. Complete the Agreement for Cross Training for the trainer        

Training Evaluations

  1. Cross Training Staff Evaluation - the Trainer completes the evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the trainee has successfully met the objectives of the training and is capable independently to handle the job position he/she was trained for, as well as pointing out the strength and the weaknesses of the trainee.
  2. Cross Training Staff Evaluation - The Team Leader completes the evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine if the training’s objectives have been met and document the specific skills, knowledge and abilities the trainee has acquired. 
  3. Cross Training Program Evaluation - The Trainee and trainee’s Team Leader complete the program evaluation form together. The purpose of this form is to provide their respective evaluations of the program.
  4. Cross Training Staff Evaluation - The Head of Section completes the evaluation. The purpose of the evaluation is to determine the trainee’s strengths and challenges of his/her technical skills, Analytical Thinking/Decision Making Skills and interpersonal skills. As well as to provide comments on the capabilities of the trainee to handle the job position he/she was trained on and if any professional certified training that he/she must attend to meet the requirements of the job position

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