ETC Staff Training & Development

ETC Staff Training and Development Team arrange for skills-based training as well as personal and professional development opportunities to all ETC Staff. It also designs and administers in-house, customized trainigs that would cater to meet the staff training needs.

The Educational Technology Center is dedicated to developing all ETC Staff, enabling them to accomplish their full potentials, refine their specialized skills, aggregate their competence and efficiency in the workplace, and endows the staff by increasing their impact on college.

Staff Training & Development Policy

  1. Purpose 
    The purpose of this policy is to set out specific procedures and performance standards to ensure quality training and development of ETC Staff.

  2. Scope 
    This policy applies to all ETC Staff regardless of differences in terms and conditions of service, seniority levels, working patterns and any other irrelevant distinctions

  3. Policy Statement
    This policy establishes a set of guidelines to ensure that all ETC staff are trained and resourced to achieve the ETC’s mission and objectives.  Also, this is to make sure that ETC has staff with the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviors in providing services to students and staff of HCT.

Training Policy for ETC Staff

a. Internal Training:-

• All internal training attended by the ETC Staff will be recorded which includes training goals, actual training undertaken and subsequent work gains
• All staff attending internal training must complete an evaluation and feedback form within 3 weeks after the event

b. External Training includes Seminars and Workshops:-

• All staff may attained training twice over the academic year
• ETC would make sure that any training course attended by each staff should be aligned with his/her role and responsibilities
• Any staff who will attained certified courses should make on-line exam and provide a copy of certificate to ETC file.
• Staff who does not provide a certificate within 1 month from attending a course, will not be eligible to attend any further courses
• Courses which will be conducting outside Oman should be approved by Dean and Ministry at least 3 months before the actual date of courses

4. Supporting Procedures
    The following procedures are to be implemented to ensure that ETC meets its policy objective which states “ensuring that all staff are trained and resourced to achieve the HCT’s Mission and objectives”.

Procedure for ETC Staff Internal Training

Internal Training Procedures:

• ETC will announced any training available after approved by HoS and HoD
• The staff will be informed the date and location by Staff Training & Development Coordinator.
• Online registration will be provided by the Survey Team

External Training Procedures:

1.Courses from others organization

• When ETC receives training list from others organization (Ministry, ITA and Technology Provider), ETC will select staff to attend the course based on staff development plan after approval from the Dean
• The staff will be informed the date and location by Hos or by Staff Training & Development Coordinator.
• The staff will fill out the form and register for training

2.Courses requested by Staff

• The staff will request available training, seminar and workshop from Hos and HoD
• The Hos and HoD identifies the needs of the staff to attend the course
• The Course, Seminar and workshop should approved by the HoS, HoD of ETC, HR and Dean
• The staff will be filled the form and register for the training


ETC Staff Training

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