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Training Needs Analysis (TNA) is the process in which the Educational Technology Center classifies training and development needs of its staff so that they can perform their job excellently. It includes a comprehensive analysis of training needs essential at different levels of the center.

Nowadays, technology changes rapidly and so are the training and development needs of all the ETC Staff.  It supports in preparing the staff for the succeeding level or stage.  It helps the Head of Sections as well as the Head of Center to identify the important areas of his/her that needs to be improved.  With appropriate training and development, the efficiency of all staff increases multiple.

Training Needs Analysis were conducted within ETC due to the following reasons:

  1. The center needs to identify what or who to be trained.
  2. To correctly identify and address the training needs.
  3. To ensure that the center is aiming the correct competencies and the appropriate staff and is addressing business need.

Conducting Training Needs Analysis

After identifying the problem with regard to the skills and knowledge of ETC Staff, the ETC Management come up with the solution through training.  But before allowing the staff to undergo trainings, the Head of Center initiated the Training Needs Analysis.

 1.  Organizational Analysis

The ETC Management communicates training priorities and guarantees that there is a proper alignment between the training goals and strategic plan of the center.  In this type of analysis, the head of sections and head of center points out and specifies to all the staff that training is important

2.  Tasks Analysis

The team leaders systematically breakdown the jobs and responsibilities of each team members into its component parts.  Thus, the team leaders write a list of tasks required to perform by a specific team member, then identify the skills and competencies needed by the assigned team member in order to perform the tasks.

3.  Person Analysis

Team members identifies the trainings that they need according to their skills and competencies.  Then, the outcome of this analysis will be compared to the outcome of Tasks Analysis and reviewed by head of sections in order to align the training needs of each members or staff according to their skills, knowledge and areas of responsibilities.

4. Performance Analysis

The head of sections (HoS) will review the performance appraisal of each team members and collaborates with the team leaders.  Then the HoS will identify the trainings required based on the  result of performance appraisal.


ETC Staff Training

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