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Entrepreneurship Innovation Students Club

Message from the EI Students Club's Supervisor

We believe that the easy and effective way to spread the entrepreneurship and innovation culture throughout the college environment is using the students themselves to disseminate this culture among their mates. Hence this is one of the objectives of establishing the EI student's club where the students can easily interact and obtain the services provided by the Department. Our main purposes are to Educate the students about the importance of the Entrepreneurship and innovation concepts, Enhance the student's abilities through workshop and coaching services and Empower them through participating in local and global competitions.

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To be the leading entrepreneurial club in Oman, through students’ and graduate engagement, building and enhancement of students skills in entrepreneurship, innovation and self-employment.

The goals of the club were divided into five goals as follows:

  • To create a network for the potential entrepreneurs students/graduates of Higher College of Technology with private, government individuals.
  • Create the awareness and the culture of the entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity.
  • Develop the entrepreneurial skills of the students.
  • Meet entrepreneurs, officials from government, industry and analyze market demand.
  • Exchange experience and address, discuss challenges to overcome in the field of entrepreneurship.

The club is divided into four main committees which are as follows:

  • Activities Committee
  • Media Committee
  • Resource Committee
  • Finance Committee

The tasks of the Supervisor and the Main Committees for the conduct of the work have been defined as follows:

The chairman is responsible in planning and coordination between the four committees to ensure the smoothness of the work flow. Review and manage the work performance and progression toward the target.
Call for regular meetings and take decisions based on facts and benefits of the society.

Activities Committee:
This Committee is responsible for conducting activities. Based on the need of the target audience different workshops, training, exhibitions, conferences and seminars, as well as programs and activities
etc. is organized and coordinated in a collaboration with other organizations.

Marketing Committee:
The Media Committee is the door for outside world and it is responsible for full archiving and media coverage of all programs, activities and projects of the club, Moreover, this committee is responsible production of visual and audio materials.

Decoration and Resource Committee:
This committee is concerned with maintaining the resource of the society such as room, materials etc. Also it is responsible for providing all the needs required by other committee based on demand and current available resources.

Finance Committee:
The financial committee shall be responsible for following up the general budget of the club and controlling the expenses and the fair distribution of the budget. Maintain records of all activities and its expense invoices