Entrepreneurship and Innovation Department

SMEF Workshop for Entrepreneurship Course Students

28 June 2018

The EIU Unit actively involves itself in enhancement of students experience with entrepreneurship education by involvement of external organization. SME Development Fund (SMEF) is a revered organization in promoting entrepreneurship in Oman. The EIU has been working in hands with SMEF wherein their volunteers come to the college and conduct a workshop for the Entrepreneurship Course students.

The major objective of such workshop is introduce students to the recent trends of entrepreneurship in Oman and the support facilities available to them in the country for becoming entrepreneurs. The workshop also focuses on idea generation and its evaluation.

Such activity is a regular feature of the course delivery and is conducted every semester. On 19th June 2018 a similar workshop was conducted for the summer semester entrepreneurship course students. In all three sections were covered consisting of around 81 students.

The workshop was very well received by the students. Special thanks to SMEF team which consisted of Ms. Mawiah Hassan Al Jabri & Mr. Qais Al Balushi who provided a very interactive workshop and conducted activities with the students. Towards the end of the workshop the students also had an opportunity to clear any of the doubts or concerns they had.

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