Risk, Health and Safety

A CRHS-sanctioned staff development seminars conducted for Applied Sciences and Pharmacy departments

31 December 2020

Two staff development seminars for Applied Sciences and Pharmacy departments were held last 08 December 2020 in the APS-PH Multipurpose Hall. Due to the existing pandemic situation, the activity followed strict COVID-19 protocols implemented in the University.

The first seminar discussed how staff should conduct their work in the laboratory during the pandemic. It also tackled the gaps and requirements that need to be implemented for a more streamlined workflow which will reduce any risk of exposure or infection to COVID-19.

The second seminar updated the staff about consolidating good laboratory practices and chemical storage management. This was conducted with the aim of either developing or further increasing staff awareness on proper chemical storage that would translate into a low-risk and highly safe and healthy laboratory operations. Indirectly, this would also lessen any burden on the staff while working during the current pandemic situation.

The activity was organized by Mr. Khalid Al-Ismaily, APS Laboratory Supervisor, in coordination with the RHS committee chaired by Mr. Mazin Al-Saadi. The two seminars were facilitated by the RHS Officer, Mr. Mike Medina, and also co-conducted with Mr. Harold L. Guazon to laboratory staff of Applied Sciences and Pharmacy departments respectively.

Picture credits: Mr. Uly Andres, Ms. Marilou Ancheta

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