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College RHS Committee conducts two emergency evacuation drills for the APS-PH and Engineering buildings

08 January 2018

Two separate emergency evacuation drills in the APS-PH and Engineering buildings were conducted in the morning of 30 November and 07 December 2017 respectively, and organized by the department RHS committees of the aforementioned buildings.  The drills covered all users, both students and staff from various departments and units, holding offices and classes in the said buildings.

The exercise monitored the response times, inter-department coordination and communication during a major emergency, and identified any strengths and gaps of the overall emergency evacuation strategy. The activity used the evacuate button of the fire alarm panel to sound the alarm.

The CRHS committee underpins the importance of implementing such activity since it helps identify any weaknesses and enhance the attitudes and capabilities of all staff and students in the College. This also reflects the College’s commitment in ensuring the utmost levels of health and safety for everyone through the concerted efforts of various college departments and units.

In order to increase preparedness and reduce potential risks brought about by incidents and situations requiring emergency evacuations, the CRHS committee aims to conduct more frequent emergency evacuation drills simulating various situations in the future.

The drills were supervised by Mr. Khalid Al-Ismaily and Mr. Dindo Latonio, lead wardens for the APS-PH and Engineering buildings respectively, and monitored by Mr. Mike Medina, college RHS officer.  The activities were also assisted by other volunteers that acted as blockers, and the department first aid responders.

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