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The English Language Centre’s (ELC) RHS Committee conducted an emergency evacuation drill under the supervision of the College RHS Committee

09 April 2020

An emergency evacuation drill was conducted in the morning of 04 March 2020 at the English Language Center (ELC) under the supervision of the College Risk, Health and Safety (CRHS) Committee chaired by the Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Mr. Mazin Mohamed Nasser Al-Saadi. Representatives from the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) also observed the activity.

The drill, covered both the students and staff, holding offices and classes in all ELC buildings. The exercise monitored the response times, coordination and communication during the emergency evacuation, and identified any strengths and gaps of the overall emergency evacuation strategy. The activity used the evacuate button of the fire alarm panel to sound off the alarm, and megaphones to direct all people inside the buildings to the assembly points. The overall time taken to complete the entire drill was around 16 minutes, out of which over 8 minutes were taken to evacuate the entire A, B, C, D & E blocks of the ELC. A post-evacuation meeting with the wardens, volunteers, PACDA representatives and the CRHS immediately followed to share and discuss the observations, feedback and possible improvements regarding the activity.

The drill for the ELC was organized by Ms. Sana Khamis, ELC-RHS coordinator together with her committee and warden (staff, students) groups, and volunteers from other departments, with the support of ELC-HoD, Mr. Khalid Al-Balushi. The overall conduct of the drill was observed and supervised by Mr. Mike Medina, RHS Officer. The CRHS committee aims to conduct regular fire drills which will help to underpin the correct procedures, removing panic and uncertainty for all concerned.

Picture credit: Mr. Uly Andres

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