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Emergency evacuation and first aid responder groups’ College - wide induction and orientation held last 29 March 2018

02 April 2018

To formally recognize the different department emergency evacuation and first aid responder groups, the college RHS Committee organized an induction and orientation program last 29 March 2018 from 9 AM to 10:45 am at the Multipurpose Hall (MPH) of the Applied Sciences-Pharmacy Building.  The program was conducted by Mr. Mike Medina, the college RHS officer.

The first part of the induction program talked about the basic duties of an emergency evacuation warden, the steps to take if a fire is discovered while the second part provided the importance of responding to a medical or medical-related emergency and the impact of a quick and appropriate action.  The program also emphasized the need for practice sets in each department to keep all responders updated with their skills. 

At the end of each program set, gears and personal protective equipment were provided to all emergency evacuation and first aid responders respectively.

Picture credits: Mr. Uly Andres

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