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Demonstration on “How to Use Evacuation Chair” at the IT Department

22 January 2018


Evacuation chairs are a vital piece of safety equipment in our college premises. However, correct use of the equipment is absolutely paramount to the safety of both the passenger and the operator. Evacuation chairs are designed first and foremost with the safety and stability of the passenger in mind, however many users may initially find being moved in an evacuation chair a disconcerting experience.

To Build confidence in the proficiency of the the First Aid Responders and Fire warden Group, the RHS Committee, IT Department has conducted an orientation and practice session on “How to Use Evacuation Chair” on 11th January 2018 in room number N 230 from 1 PM to 1.45 PM. Mr. Mike Medina, the RHS Officer, HCT enthusiastically explained how this device can help faculty, students or first aid responders to quickly move people with mobility limitations, down the stairs or across rough terrain. The training has boosted the confidence level of the designated group to use quickly and safely an evacuation chair. The speaker provided a practical session on how to quickly open the chair, adjust it, secure the evacuee inside and then transport them to safety. Also the trainer taught the manual handling to ensure that the chair operator uses the correct lifting techniques to minimize the risk of injuring themselves whilst operating the chair.

To make our evacuation chair training even more relevant, the speaker provided a practical training session using the evacuation chair placed in the Administration Building, so learners understand the model they are likely to encounter in an emergency.

Written by:
Ms. Ranjini S. Nair
Coordinator,IT Department
RHS Committee

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