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Warden Training and Reorientation for the Warden Groups of the Administration, APS-PH, Engineering, and Business Studies/Fashion Design Buildings

02 October 2017

A warden training for the Administration Building and reorientation for the APS-PH, Engineering, and Business Studies/Fashion Design buildings were conducted last 14 September 2017 in N230 of the Administration Building and Multi-Purpose Hall of the APS-PH Building respectively. These activities were done in preparation for any emergency evacuation (mock) drills, and aims to equip the warden groups with the adequate knowledge and skills on emergency evacuation.

Members of the warden groups were presented with the theoretical background of emergency evacuation, their specific areas of responsibilities in their buildings, and all the necessary forms that each needs to fill during and after the emergency evacuation drill.

The latter part of the training saw the participants being introduced to the locations of the centralized fire alarm panel, all call points and assembly points of the building.

The reorientation for the warden groups of the APS-PH, Engineering, and Business Studies/Fashion Design buildings aimed to review the existing arrangements of their respective buildings, and prepare them for another emergency evacuation exercise towards the end of Semester 1.

The training was organized through the RHS committee chaired by Dr. Khalid Al-Abri and provided by Mr. Mike Medina, RHS Officer.

Picture credits: Mr. Uly Andres/ Mr. Ronaldo Silverio

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