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RHS Month opened with a First Aid Awareness lecture-seminar and Ergonomics workshop activities last 09 March 2017

20 March 2017

In celebration of March 2017 as RHS month, the College Risk, Health and Safety (CRHS) committee chaired by Dr. Khalid Al-Abri organized a first aid awareness lecture-seminar and ergonomics workshop last 09 March held at the Multipurpose Hall of the Science-Pharmacy Building.
The first part of the activity talked about the basics of first aid, and what to do when a person is faced with a medical-related emergency. A number of principles and situations, and conditions were discussed, presented and demonstrated. The lecture-seminar was presented by Dr. Sreenivas Venkatram and Dr. Mohammad Kheer AlKhateeb, who specializes in internal medicine and general surgery respectively. The activity ended with a call for all the women regarding women’s health by Dr. Vandana Yakub, an obstetrician and gynecologist. All presenters are professionally connected with Al Hayat International Hospital.

Ms. Bilqees Parkar, a physiotherapist from Al Rafah Hospital, facilitated an engaging and energized awareness workshop on ergonomics. Ms. Parkar talked about the concept of ergonomics and which body parts are the most affected; she then went to demonstrate and asked the participants to perform the various exercises that would ease the pain in the body affected by work. Ms. Parkar ended her session prompting all participants to be more active by at least having breaks in between work and performing all the simple stretches she demonstrated.

The first aid awareness lecture-seminar and ergonomics workshop activities were attended by a total of 197 and 157 participants respectively, coming from different departments and units. At the end of each session, a certificate of appreciation were presented to all the resource speakers.

Picture credits: Mr. Uly Andres/ Mr. Ronaldo Silverio

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