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Risk Management Program: A Seminar for ETC Staff

09 March 2015

Risk Management

A seminar entitled “Risk Management Program: A Seminar for ETC Staff” was conducted last March 5, 2015 under the initiative of Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer, Head of Educational Technology Center in coordination with Mrs. Zayana Al Sinawi, ETC Staff Affairs.

The seminar was presented by Ma. Luisa Jasa “Imaan”, ETC Risk Management Coordinator and Dr. Kalilur Rahman, Librarian with the following objectives:

  1. To engage all ETC Team Leaders on emerging risks under ETC.
  2. To understand and learn how to connect risks and contingency plan.

Risk Management Seminar Agenda:

1:00pm - Welcome Remarks by Mrs. Rehana Al Ameer
1:15pm – Hazard vs Risk presented by Ma. Luisa Jasa “Imaan”
1:30pm – Risk Assessment presented by Ma. Luisa Jasa “ Imaan”
1:45pm – Activity – each team were given a form to identify the hazard/risk on their respective areas
2:00pm - Risk Management Process presented by Dr. Kalilur Rahman
2:30pm – End of Seminar

It was participated in by all ETC Team leaders including one key person under each team, who are responsible for creating and maintaining Risk Registers.
The participants were asked to identify the hazards/risks on their area and they were given a chance to discuss during the session as part of the activity.

Please click here to view the photos in the event

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