Risk, Health and Safety

10-hour Training on General Health and Safety

15 January 2014

As part of its staff development initiative, the Human Resources Department, in collaboration with the Department of Applied Sciences, organized a 10-hour training on general health and safety. The training covered a diverse range of topics, from foundations of health and safety, various workplace hazards, to laws and regulations, which were tackled every Thursdays, beginning 24 November 2013, and ended last 19 December 2013. The training, conducted by Mr. Mike Medina and Ms. Ludivina A. Naraval, was primarily done through discussion, deskwork activity and demonstration. Participants who successfully completed the entire training will be awarded certificates.

For those who were not able to participate due to limited slots, they can view and download the contents of the training by going to the following link: http://hct.edu.om/hct/hse/support/trainingcourseHSE/index.html .

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