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Workshops Training for the Technical Staff at the Department of Applied Sciences

09 July 2015

Successful Completion of two major training workshops for the technical staff on the maintenance of laboratory equipment at the Department of Applied Sciences during the two successive academic years 2013-14 & 2014-15

The laboratory work in teaching and learning science & technology is crucial because it paves the way for the students to learn with a better understanding and simultaneously engaging them in a process of constructing the knowledge by doing an experiment. Laboratory practice enhances the psychomotor learning of students and establishes a strong relationship between the cognitive functions and their physical movement. It is a common practice that the students will be given many opportunities to manipulate the equipment and the materials in order to be able to construct the knowledge of the phenomena at their own pace and comprehend the underlying concepts.

In the process of opening the doors of the laboratory for the students to operate the equipment by themselves, under the supervision of the teaching and technical staff, all laboratory equipment requires maintenance and trouble shooting. With a vision to help the staff in this direction the Head of the Physics Unit, Dr. Karim Sellami with the guidance of the Head of the Department, Dr. Samia Salim Said Al-Jaaidi and with the help of other the other Heads of Sections Dr. Afraa Said Al-Adawi, Dr. Ghaitha Suleiman Nasser Al-Abry and Dr. Sindhu Menon was instrumental in proposing two major work-shops conducted in this AY 2014-15 and the previous AY 2013-14. The Health and Safety Co-ordinator, Mr. Michaelangelo V. Medina in co-ordination with and Staff Development & Orientation Co-ordinator Dr. C. Rama Chandra Prabhu was instrumental in the conduction of these work-shops.

The part-1 of these workshops was conducted on 28-04-2014 by all the technicians of the Physics Unit in two sessions from 10 am to 2 pm.


The part-2 of this series was conducted from 9 to 11-30 am on 19 & 20 April 2015 by Mr. Jimmy Santos and Mr. Mario Alibin of the Physics Unit.


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